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Registration Fees

All students are required to pay a $25 non-refundable registration fee - which must be submitted at the time of applying.
Kingdom University International is an institution of Biblical and theological study. KUI offers students the ability to pursue their studies in course by course manner, removing excessive financial strain. Tuition Financing does not apply to the LEAD Program.

Due to low the cost tuition offered KUI is able to provide students with affordable and flexible monthly payment plans.
In an effort to provide students an incentive to complete their studies KUI reserves the right to drop a student who falls beyond 30 days paying their tuition. The cost of materials are included in the cost listed below. All coursework and exams are sent via email or may be accessed from the website's Book Store.

*Students who pay full tuition in full upfront will receive a 10% discount.*
Married couples who enroll together will receive a $200.00 discount off the total amount of their tuition" If the couple pays full tuition upfront, one spouse may be allowed use of the 10% discount while the other spose may use the $200.00 spousal discount. 

Tuition Financing

Payment Plans

Spousal Discounts

We recommend you complete the general

application first before proceeding to purchase any plan.

Associate Degree


Monthly Payment

Plans are available.

Bachelor Degree


Monthly Payment

Plans are available.

Master Degree


Monthly Payment

Plans are available.

Doctorate Degree


Monthly Payment

Plans are available.

****Please referrer to the Student Catalog for an exhaustive outline of tuition and fees or Call

559-KINGDOM OR (616) 813-8521.