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Life Experience


The Life Experience Degree Program (LEAD) is designed to apply college credits towards the Degree Program of the student's choice. This affords the student to be credited with what they have already learned. In addition, students who qualify for LEAD may be able to reduce their course load by as much as 40%.

LEAD participants must present valid and verifiable information on their resume to be accredited towards their Degree Program. Prior learning, work/ministry/military experience, the seminars attended, books read and professional licenses, certificates, and diplomas are evaluated for credit. The LEAD program also allows a student to have up to 30 credits awarded towards their Degree Program.

    1. All previous credit earned (must submit official transcripts)
    2. All previously earned Certificates, Diplomas, and/or Degrees (photocopies of originals)
    3. A complete Professional/Theological/Ministry Resume
    4. Listing of books read courses and seminars attended (credit or non-credit)
    5. If the student has published theological works, the student must present copies of all such works to the AQR committee

All LEAD applicants are subject to an Assessment Evaluation (Bible knowledge exam) which may be required for review, scored, and applied toward professional credits awarded. This is a College - Level evaluation and allows students from a wide range of ages and backgrounds to demonstrate their mastery of introductory college-level material to ensure appropriate placement. The cost of the AE is $100.00 and may be waived at the recommendation of the Board of Regents.

Upon review, the BOR will make its determination whether or not the student qualifies for life experience credits. If the BOR votes favorably, the student would be required to pay $25 per credit hour awarded. This cost may be reduced or waived upon recommendation of the BOR.



Associate Degree
8 years minimum full-time Life/Professional Ministry Experience

Bachelor Degree
10 years minimum full-time Life/Professional Ministry Experience

Master Degree
15 years minimum full-time Life/Professional Ministry Experience

Doctor of Philosophy
20 years minimum full-time Life/Professional Ministry Experience

    Associate in Biblical Studies
    Associate in Christian Education
    Associate in Christian Ministry
    Associate in Ministry
    Associate in Theology
    Associate of Arts in Media Ministry
    Bachelor of Christian Business Administration
    Bachelor of Christian Education
    Bachelor of Applied Christian Ministry
    Bachelor of Biblical Studies
    Bachelor of Theology
    Bachelor of Church Administration
    Bachelor of Ministry
    Bachelor of Divine Worship and Media

    Master of Christian Business Administration
    Master of Christian Education
    Master of Applied Christian Ministry
    Master of Divinity
    Master of Theology
    Master in Multi-Cultural Studies

    Doctor of Theology
    Doctor of Christian Education
    Doctor of Applied Ministry
    Doctor of Divinity
    Doctor of Philosophy in Ministry
    Doctor in Multi-Cultural Studies

To inquire further about this program call (616)813-8521

<<<< NOTE: The Board of Regents makes all final decisions regarding students' acceptance/degree and discipline earned